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    ℹī¸ Low
    • Information request, reporting a documentation error, recommending a product enhancement, and there is little to no impact in your operation of SDM.

    🛑 Medium
    • Your company experiences a minor loss of service, resulting in a partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the software. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.

    🚨 High
    • StrongDM is running in a degraded mode. Operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected and there is no temporary workaround.

    đŸ”Ĩ Critical
    • You cannot reasonably continue your work. You experience a complete loss of service and/or encounter one of the following scenarios; all users cannot use StrongDM or users cannot access any resources in their environment.

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